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Mistyrose439's Blog Welcome to Life Mysteries
Posted by Mistyrose439 on 2011-08-02 17:11:16.

This is all new to me, so try and stay with me.I felt I was smart enough to get a photo on this site, but as life would have it, (it has me) it seems that even to get here is a mystery. I click on the site, it goes directly to not available or try again, or page lost, or worse, never shows up!. I feel like the woman who never was, or better yet, the invisible woman. In fact this is true at the moment without a photo, because if one cannot see another they are not there. Well, they are there if you... 2 comments



Mistyrose439's Blog To Make Matters Worse
Posted by Mistyrose439 on 2011-08-02 15:21:10.

Gee, what else could happen? I went to short cut to blog, it said no one existed with my name. Yes, that is my luck. Then I get a little icon that says I have one friend, I click on it, and all these beautiful women show up. Now, it is not that I don't like women, I am one, but I do not want to date one, thank you very much. Maybe I am on the wrong site. If I am, wow, maybe I will change my dating habits...I did not see one guy, and oh yes, they have shown up, the age of my son. Will this never... No comments



Mistyrose439's Blog Afraid of Leaving
Posted by Mistyrose439 on 2011-08-02 15:03:51.

I am afraid to leave this site of blogness, as I fear I shall never get to it again. It was a fluke in the first place, and so maybe I will just write and never leave, sleep, eat, shower, and blog until I figure out if I will ever get back to this place again in one piece, or will I be thrown out into cyberspace and become another Tron, never to see a cheese burger again? I don't eat them now, but the thought of being in little pixals... well, it did sound good to me. I think I am still Mistyrose, but after all of this, I could just be misty. No comments



Mistyrose439's Blog Still Life
Posted by Mistyrose439 on 2011-08-02 14:57:43.

Well, it seems that is what I am becoming, more and more still! An artist by some trades, a free for all what ever comes to mind in others. This is almost as good as going to a movie, except we don't know the outcome. It is good to have an ending we like, and so, if there is no ending, we can make our own. That is what we do in everyday life. So, I have written for over twenty years, unfortunately not on a napkin. I don't want to be famous, just rich. And, I will never tell anyone, because they will... No comments

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